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Why make a movie?

This blog is moving to our new website : See hereĀ Grist I think this says it more eloquently than I ever could. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=AC0sR5_NTFo&feature=youtu.be Advertisements

Corporate Video – Get Smart

Some of our clients are getting really smart with video. In the old days, video was something you paid a fortune for other people to create. No one quite knew why it all cost so much, but hey, they had really cool kit and it seemed to take so many people to shoot… Nowadays everyone … Continue reading

Corporate Video – Why many corporate videos are a waste of money

Why many corporate videos are so bad. We all come from telly. That is to say, everyone we employ at Grist has worked in TV. When I worked in TV the term “corporate” was, well, an insult. If you said a story was “a bit corporate video” that wasn’t good. Why? The Bad If a … Continue reading