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What business can learn from rugby

It’s the silly season so I’ve been indulging myself writing about things that inspire me beyond the narrow confines of real work. I wrote about Neil Armstrong, and The best training I ever had, and why, which is about work, but the subject was a rugby training course. Third son is now at pre-season training … Continue reading

The best training I ever had, and why.

Reflecting on learning after reading a really good blog from Gavin McMahon¬†¬†led me to think of the best training course I have ever been on, and why it was so good. It was most of a decade ago – so it passes the memorability test 1000 times over. The course was called First Aid for … Continue reading

How to make a mistake – stop digging

We all make mistakes. Usain Bolt, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela, all of us. We have an inbuilt bias, The Self-Serving Fallacy, that makes us think that when I made a mistake I was unlucky, but you? You were stupid. But we all make them. What is important is what you do next. You have choices … Continue reading