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Architecture PowerPoint Tips PPT

Talking to an architect today about refreshing the skills we had worked on last year set me to thinking about PowerPoint. Here is my advice for architects. Brochures and printed material are a totally different thing from images projected on a screen. It is not the images themselves that are different, but the way they … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Prezi gets better

You may know we use Prezi most of the time. We think it’s great. One of the few things that people missed from PowerPoint was the ability to build. So Prezi have added it. If you don’t know Prezi, use the arrows at the bottom to cycle through the presentation. Have a go HERE

Presentation Tips – The science of being memorable

Came across a wonderful blog by Eyeful Presentations BLOG which I’m going to summarise (steal) below. They found a truly excellent talk by Dr Chris Atherton, HERE, a psychologist which looks at the science behind presentations. She has done a lot of work on how effective different communication techniques are. The talk is 30 minutes, and … Continue reading

Presentations – Why PowerPoint presentations are DULL

  Click logo for our presentation courses We’ve been working for 7 years now creating excellent, memorable presentations.  We virtually stopped using PowerPoint 6 months ago when we got comfortable with Prezi.  If you don’t know Prezi then simple Google their site, or look at this – What is Prezi? There are lots of reasons … Continue reading

What can we do for you?

Grist is a company that works with you to make you more effective in winning new business. After 6 years of winning business with our clients we know many sectors intimately. All aspects of construction, Facilities Management, Architecture, and Design. But our processes are effective in all sectors as we have shown in Software, Banking, … Continue reading