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How to make a mistake – stop digging

We all make mistakes. Usain Bolt, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela, all of us. We have an inbuilt bias, The Self-Serving Fallacy, that makes us think that when I made a mistake I was unlucky, but you? You were stupid. But we all make them. What is important is what you do next. You have choices … Continue reading

FM – How to structure a Facilities Management sales presentation

We come from TV, and that means we have spent an unatural amount of time thinking about something most people don’t have to think about – how to tell a story. What is a story? In business, a story is a joined-up series of messages. It’s not “Once upon a time” or “Three men walked … Continue reading

Will anyone stand up for PFI?

The Government, to their credit, recognises that procurement of large projects is a skill and so want to improve the process with the Major Projects Leadership Academy. http://t.co/0Odbd2yD To quote: The government is currently managing 206 major projects worth more than £400bn with more than half running over time and budget. But it occurs to me … Continue reading