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Architecture PowerPoint Tips PPT

Talking to an architect today about refreshing the skills we had worked on last year set me to thinking about PowerPoint. Here is my advice for architects. Brochures and printed material are a totally different thing from images projected on a screen. It is not the images themselves that are different, but the way they … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Can you learn to deliver great presentations in 60 seconds?

Well, maybe not. But we set ourselves that task of trying….. Perfect in a Minute from Grist Communications on Vimeo. What do you think? You can view direct on Vimeo – http://vimeo.com/user5849471/review/45314709/fef1eec69e

Presentation Tips – How a great speech can be improved.

Have you seen this: Sir Ken Robinson at TED It’s quite a famous speech. It’s been watched 11 million times. I only saw it for the first time about 10 days ago, which is odd because I’m fascinated by education theory, public speaking, and the encouragement of creativity in young people. When I watched it … Continue reading

Architect’s presentations – 5 dos and 3 don’ts

Click the logo for our Architecture Training page. Presentation Tips for Architects Our long experience of working with Designers and Architects has taught us there are 5 key mistakes made in presentations. And 3 golden rules. The 5 key mistakes 1. TALKING ABOUT YOU Your clients don’t find you as interesting as you do. Change … Continue reading

Client Engagement for Architects – Don’t take “Yes” for an answer

If you are an architect the hardest thing you do is create beautiful, inspiring buildings that  allow people to do what they want to do as easily as possible. That’s hard, and it’s why you spend so much of your career learning. In my world, which is helping architects sell new projects, the hardest thing … Continue reading

Selling in a recession – Strategy not Tactics

At Grist Towers something interesting has happened. It’s something that may be a coincidence, but is worth mentioning. We are talking to 4 different large organisations across 4 completely different sectors about creating a long-term strategy for winning new projects. Now you may not find that odd at all, but from where we sit this … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Pauses

First the simple bit. We have a need to assimilate what we are hearing. A moment to think. The hippies lament they “didn’t want to be put in boxes” was utterly wrong. That’s how the brain organises things. The boxes are called schema by psychologists. A schema is what we already know. You know how … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – The Rhetorical Question

Here’s a quick and dirty one – when speaking, use more rhetorical questions. Why? (You see what I did there?) Because as soon as you ask: “So how are we going to deliver on time and on budget?” Everyone in the room is thinking, “How are they going to deliver on time and on budget?” … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Prezi vs PowerPoint the Grist view

What is Prezi? HAVE A LOOK HERE We use Prezi a lot. We use it for big presentations – from a few million to £1.4 billion. We use it because our clients want us to. They see it as a small example of how they can bring a freshness to each project. We also do … Continue reading

Presentation and Pitching Tips for Architects

Presentation Tips for Architects This blog has moved to here.

Presentation Tips – The power of positive words

Tweet This! At Grist Towers we’re very suspicious of stuff you can’t measure. Science was where we started, at college and at the BBC, and Mr Grist was 20 years in the Science Department at the BBC, so it is strange that we find ourselves working in a world of intangibles. One of our fundamental … Continue reading

Presentation Tips from TV Presenters

If you are preparing to speak to 2 or 2000 people in the coming days you will almost certainly be experiencing some apprehension. Bit imagine you were going to speak live to 9.4 million people? How would you feel then? A million times worse? In about 1980, in the days when there were 3 TV … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Nerves

One day when I was going to a job interview at the BBC (30+ years ago) I was dressed in my suit and tie when I realised my shoes were dirty. I can remember with startling clarity the scene as I smeared a good dollop of Cherry Blossom on my shirt, and realised that was … Continue reading

Q and A – your chance to lose new business

In the very early days of Grist we had a bidding presentation cut off by the client, “Times up!”, while the Bid Director was delivering the conclusion. Since then, we have never had a bad presentation. Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Every single one has gone well. I promise. But, Q&A is a different story, … Continue reading

Presentation tips from TV

Everyone at Grist has worked in telly. Mrs Grist was a journalist on most of the BBC News programmes as well as Newsnight, Newsround, and quite a number of Science documentaries, and I was a documentary maker. When we look for people to work with us we have always ended up with ex-TV people. Our … Continue reading

Bidding – Dealing with your weaknesses

Some thoughts today on the negatives. We all have weaknesses, but constantly we are faced by people who are very, very good at what they do, but are allowing their weaknesses to dominate their thoughts. When bidding new projects we find that people do two things: 1. Underestimate how good they are 2. Overestimate the … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Why Architects are Great at Pitching

I wrote a couple of pieces here on Mistakes Architects make when Pitching and realised that the overall effect was a bit negative.  Of course, since we get paid to make people more effective we do have to correct what people are doing wrong. But, as a presentation coach your objective has to be to … Continue reading

Psychology of Business – Bad Decisions – or why we get things wrong

As human we aren’t as rational as we hope we are. So understanding our biases makes us more effective. Here are 10 ways we get things wrong, and ways that effects how we present ourselves. Confirmation Bias is where we look for information to support what we believe to be true, and ignore the opposite. … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Presentation Nerves

Virtually everyone who works for Grist has worked in television, and most have worked for the BBC.  Why?  Because when you consider how nervous many of us feel when talking to a dozen people consider how you would feel if there were a million watching? TV is a very exposed place and so our core … Continue reading

Myths about Presentation

Both my wife Lindsay and I were on Tomorrow’s World 20 years ago, and I remained technically in Science Department for my whole career. So when we started working on presentation skills we started trying to find out what the science of human communication was all about. Almost immediately we came across this startling fact. … Continue reading

Bad Presentations – Funny films, but accurate

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIABo0d9MVE Funny, and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbSPPFYxx3o Very funny: http://spolis.com/2012/02/02/a-ted-presentation-that-is-a-tad-bit-different/ Thought provoking

Why PowerPoint should be dead, but isn’t

In August last year I wrote this: Why PowerPoint is dead. Finally the time has come. It’s been fun but everything must pass. PowerPoint is dead. Why?  Because of Prezi. Have a look at this: https://prezi.com/secure/38ab10d0f5db6b775992d624e256c566632606be/ I knocked that up in 20 minutes to demonstrate the sort of things Prezi can do. We’ve been using … Continue reading

Architects’ Presentations – Common Mistakes Part 2 – Visuals

Today I’ve been thinking about pictures. TOO MANY VISUALS Yes, you can have too many visuals, or at least too many visuals on a screen or a page. Architects produce beautiful visuals of all sorts. Sketches, photos, mood boards, all can be beautiful, and often are. But, human beings can only process one piece of … Continue reading

Architects’ Presentations – Common Mistakes Part 1

We all have blind-spots, and the Architecture profession has many. How do we know? Because we have  sat in 1000 rooms and heard the same mistakes made by 1000 people. If you can be the team that doesn’t fall into these traps then maybe you will win more new business. Are we right? You judge … Continue reading

What can we do for you?

Grist is a company that works with you to make you more effective in winning new business. After 6 years of winning business with our clients we know many sectors intimately. All aspects of construction, Facilities Management, Architecture, and Design. But our processes are effective in all sectors as we have shown in Software, Banking, … Continue reading