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Construction, are the boom times back?

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Our company has been going nearly a decade now and we’ve seen the most extraordinary arc of boom and bust.

I’m sure there were many of us who found the last election a turning point. Work just stopped in many of our sectors and we all had many more opportunities to spend time with our families. Which, actually in the swings and roundabouts life we lead is truly a good thing.

The recession has been hard in construction and property, it goes down first, and comes up first, is the saying.

But now? Optimism seems to be back.  The new worry is a skills shortage. The young people who should have been growing their skills for 5 years to be ready to start running projects now are not there. Good news for the experienced – your skills are more valuable.

When times are tight training seems a luxury. But when work is mor plentiful and skills are underdeveloped – time to train.


Whats the the world like from your perspective. Let me know below.

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