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Presentation Tips – Feedback. if you want to be liked – NOD

If you want people to like you more, think you are better at your job, think you care about them more, are more intelligent than they thought, are more marriageable material than they thought, are taller, wiser, smarter, better looking and more fragrant than they thought, nod.

Nodding is brilliant.

It works EVERY time, ALL the time.

When we do presentation training, and one of our candidates is struggling, we will (without thinking) start to nod vigorously at them. They will immediately detect this.

Which is proof in itself of the power of nodding, because when you are speaking in public you are mostly blind and mostly deaf. Your brain turns off stuff it doesn’t need to give itself enough computing power to do the task at hand. But these blind, deaf people are able to detect nodding in an audience.

What happens then is quite magical. The sweating candidate turns all their attention to the nodder. The only person who is giving them encouragement. And they relax and regain their composure.

“Someone thinks this is going well, so it MUST be. I can relax.”


We are all desperate for approval (except psychopaths, but lets not go there) so if you nod at anything it makes the speaker feel better.

If they have doubts they will be reassured. If they want agreement they got it. If they want to see if you are on their side, now they know you are.

If they said something contentious, controversial, or rude they now know you are OK with that. Phew, we’re not going to have a fight.

How can I make this as simple as possible?


You nod at people, they like you more. 


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