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Construction, are the boom times back?

This blog is moving to our new website : See here¬†Grist Our company has been going nearly a decade now and we’ve seen the most extraordinary arc of boom and bust. I’m sure there were many of us who found the last election a turning point. Work just stopped in many of our sectors and … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Feedback. if you want to be liked – NOD

If you want people to like you more, think you are better at your job, think you care about them more, are more intelligent than they thought, are more marriageable material than they thought, are taller, wiser, smarter, better looking and more fragrant than they thought, nod. Nodding is brilliant. It works¬†EVERY time, ALL the … Continue reading

How to give feedback on presentations

This Blog is moving to our new website: See here Grist   I want to do something different. I want answers from you. Of all the topics I’ve written about, giving feedback is the one people search for the most and read the most. In fact the search term that has got most hits over … Continue reading