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What you can learn from TV Presenters

Quite understandably, when people are thinking about appearing on camera they watch professional TV presenters to see if they can copy what they do.  Often this is unhelpful. Why? Because its a bit like watching Jamie Callum before your Grade 1 piano. It can lead to a form of despair. It is the job of … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – What you can learn from TV Presenters

There are two types of TV presenters. The smart ones who realise how vulnerable and exposed they are while on camera, and the dumb ones who don’t get it. Miraculously both seem to get away with it. The smart ones by managing the situation using their wit and intellect, and the dumb ones by having … Continue reading


First rule of Blogs – keep blogging. So we’ve failed badly. But the reason is, we’ve just been too busy. I can’t remember the exact date, but it was in late June. On that day the construction industry decided to start moving forward again. Everyone started new projects, not building, but communicating, marketing and generally … Continue reading