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What business can learn from rugby

It’s the silly season so I’ve been indulging myself writing about things that inspire me beyond the narrow confines of real work. I wrote about Neil Armstrong, and The best training I ever had, and why, which is about work, but the subject was a rugby training course. Third son is now at pre-season training … Continue reading

Neil Armstrong

A personal blog. I am just the right age to idolise Neil Armstrong. I was 10 on July 20th 1969, and I can remember feeling incredibly tired as we lay under blankets on the floor of our sitting-room watching human beings walk on another world, having been woken in the middle of the night. But … Continue reading

The best training I ever had, and why.

Reflecting on learning after reading a really good blog from Gavin McMahon¬†¬†led me to think of the best training course I have ever been on, and why it was so good. It was most of a decade ago – so it passes the memorability test 1000 times over. The course was called First Aid for … Continue reading

Obama – the greatest speech-maker of our time?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. When Obama turns it on, he is simply brilliant. This section from a speech has been put to music, and well-crafted by a team that are very, very good at what they do, but take away the flim-flam and you are still left with something really powerful, and superbly delivered. … Continue reading

The Ultimate Sin in Selling

My favourite film of all time is It’s a Wonderful Life. I’ve seen it so many times that I know much of the dialogue by heart. The premise is what Hollywood now calls “high concept”, that is the situation drive the film. George Bailey faces ruin after a lifetime of service in the small town … Continue reading

What Business can learn from British Olympic cycling

Plainly the Team GB cycling team is at the top of its game. The lessons are obvious. One of our core beliefs is that preparation is everything. If you have heard them talk about how they focus in on every detail, down to having a specific pillow so that athletes always sleep in the same … Continue reading

How to make a mistake – stop digging

We all make mistakes. Usain Bolt, Paul McCartney, Nelson Mandela, all of us. We have an inbuilt bias, The Self-Serving Fallacy, that makes us think that when I made a mistake I was unlucky, but you? You were stupid. But we all make them. What is important is what you do next. You have choices … Continue reading