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Can the Private Sector Deliver Public Services?

Like most people who work with large companies we don’t want to get involved with politics in our working lives. So I’m not going to waste time talking about the philosophical issues here, but I do feel very strongly about one thing I have seen myself. We work for lots of companies who do deliver … Continue reading

Why do we learn?

Which may seem like a funny question, and I suppose it’s not actually the question I really want answered. The real question is Why don’t we learn? The Truth is Out There The world has changed in the last decade, and changed a great deal. Previously if you wanted to know things you had to … Continue reading

Client Engagement – When dealing with clients, don’t take “Yes” for an answer

I wrote a post recently called Architects – Don’t take “Yes” for an answer which was based on observation of many client engagements – and their outcomes. That is winning and losing in competitive bids. But yesterday I spend a day with a mixed team of constructors, Fm, finance and bid specialists and I started … Continue reading

Client Engagement – Can you really see it from the client’s point of view?

Neighbours From Hell Driving through my old neighbourhood yesterday really set me thinking about seeing someone else’s point of view. We lived in a quiet, wide street with largish houses. Many were families like ours, but not all. At the back of our garden, at right angles, was the garden of a house in the … Continue reading

Bidding – Who is winning new business in construction?

The excellent Builders Conference has a live league table for new work. What is really nice about it is that it covers all the 50 top winners, not just the big boys. See the league table for June, and the year here: The Builders Conference

Client Engagement – I don’t need Engagement Training, do I?

Click the logo for our Engagement courses We started as presentation trainers, after 20 years of working with TV presenters. We then realised that presentations are easy – if you do the work – but that you could win or lose during the Q&A. So we developed a process for Q&A that we know works. … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – How “long” is a slide? Did I miss a meeting?

One of the most pervasive ideas in our world is that a PowerPoint slide has some kind of natural duration. “I’ve got 10 slides. That’s a minute minimum on each, so 10 minutes.” We find this idea quite bemusing. Slides are a decent way to support what you are saying, but they are no more … Continue reading

What can you learn from great speeches? Prince Charles

Prince Charles is a public figure with whom we, the British nation, have had an ambiguous relationship over the years. But on Monday at the Diamond Jubilee concert he delivered a speech which I think will have changed a lot of peoples’ minds. Why? Because it changed mine – a bit. And life has taught … Continue reading

Architect’s presentations – 5 dos and 3 don’ts

Click the logo for our Architecture Training page. Presentation Tips for Architects Our long experience of working with Designers and Architects has taught us there are 5 key mistakes made in presentations. And 3 golden rules. The 5 key mistakes 1. TALKING ABOUT YOU Your clients don’t find you as interesting as you do. Change … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

“We’re terrible at presentations. We tend to do them in the train on the way down.” An un-named Architect. If you have to say something out loud, every time you rehearse it, the better it will get. Up to what number you ask? At least 10. So if you don’t rehearse enough, you are deliberately … Continue reading

Is “normal” distribution wrong? The end of the Bell Curve?

I came across some fascinating research this week which has huge implications for how we think about human performance. It challenges the deeply help belief that most human activities fit into a Bell Curve. This is true of heights and weights, but when it comes to performance maybe it isn’t true at all? Read a … Continue reading