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Presentation Tips – The Cure for Nerves

Let’s get back to basics.
Everyone can be a good public speaker.

To clarify, every single person we have ever met who has been asked to speak in public is capable of doing a good job.

So, so are you.

So why do many of us fear it so much?

Because for most of us it does that most clichéd thing, it takes us out of our comfort zone.
Which leads to the first cure for nerves. Just do it.

If you do it you will find public speaking is in your comfort zone. Job done.

But first you have to something else.

To cure your nerves you have to give up sufficient time to prepare.

Not enough time and you run the risk of screwing up, and that should make you nervous.

How do you prepare?

1. Decide what the audience want to hear. Not need to hear, you’re not a teacher, they don’t have to pass a test. What they want you to do for them? Say that. Throw away the rest. They won’t care. They don’t care about you. They haven’t got time to think about you. Don’t get in the way of what they want to hear.

2. Put what they want to hear as succinctly as possible making sure you tell them what you’re really good at. (We are good at this aren’t we!)

3. Rehearse and get someone you trust to tell you what works and what doesnt.

4. Rehearse

5. Rehearse (Can you feel your confidence growing?)

6. Rehearse

Now you are ready. I hope you do feel nervous. Nerves are good. It’s SHOWTIME! It’s the big match. It’s what you get paid for – to do the difficult stuff. It’s how you justify your salary. Not for doing the easy stuff, anyone can do that.

There is no cure for nerves. There is only being really well prepared.


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