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Presentation Tips – Pauses

First the simple bit. We have a need to assimilate what we are hearing. A moment to think. The hippies lament they “didn’t want to be put in boxes” was utterly wrong. That’s how the brain organises things. The boxes are called schema by psychologists. A schema is what we already know. You know how to go to the supermarket, or paint a wall, or fry and egg. If you add new information (a pan you don’t need to wash!) you need brain power to alter the schema and time to do it. Pauses give both.

The second reason is even more fundamental.

The audience doesn’t know what you know. You “get” everything you say immediately. I know this is a truism, but bear with me. The audience don’t.

Good morning my name is Bill Grist.

Did he say Grit? That’s a weird name, Phil Grit?

I help people create, and deliver, great presentations.

What like PowerPoint?

Today in 10 minutes I hope to give you some basic rules that will help you deliver a great presentation, totally specific to your audience, every time.

What like a PPT template.? I don’t like templates. That corporate one we have is pants. Who designed that? Hang on what did he say?

…so the second rule is.

Oh rats!

When you learn to pause often, and for reasonable time you will have truly understood that all good presentations are serving the needs of the audience ONLY. Not yours. You will be the Yoda of presentations.



A lot.


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2 thoughts on “Presentation Tips – Pauses

  1. A third factor about pauses is that they add drama. People pay attention to what you are saying not just because of your content but also because of the cadence of your speech. They absorb more when a element of tension is introduced into your speech or presentation and as a result they focus. Pause for power.

    Posted by Linda Duberley | May 18, 2012, 11:44 am

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