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Optimism vs Pessimism in selling

Originally posted on Grist Present:
We’ve been thinking about optimism and pessimism and trying to figure out the balance that delivers our goal of winning new business for our clients. At Grist the two directors are in balance. Lindsay is an optimist and I’m a pessimist. But as you will know if you watched a…

Originally posted on Matters of Taste:
It happens to even the kindest people in the nicest families: you find yourself related to (or, bless your heart, married to) an architect.  Don’t get me wrong: an architect can be a real asset to a family.  They have reasonable conversation skills (on a set number of topics)…

Presentation Tips – Rehearsal

“We’re terrible at presentations. We tend to do them in the train on the way down.” An un-named Architect. If you have to say something out loud, every time you rehearse it, the better it will get. Up to what number you ask? At least 10. So if you don’t rehearse enough, you are deliberately … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – The Cure for Nerves

Let’s get back to basics. Everyone can be a good public speaker. To clarify, every single person we have ever met who has been asked to speak in public is capable of doing a good job. So, so are you. So why do many of us fear it so much? Because for most of us … Continue reading

Client Engagement for Architects – Don’t take “Yes” for an answer

If you are an architect the hardest thing you do is create beautiful, inspiring buildings that  allow people to do what they want to do as easily as possible. That’s hard, and it’s why you spend so much of your career learning. In my world, which is helping architects sell new projects, the hardest thing … Continue reading

Selling in a recession – Strategy not Tactics

At Grist Towers something interesting has happened. It’s something that may be a coincidence, but is worth mentioning. We are talking to 4 different large organisations across 4 completely different sectors about creating a long-term strategy for winning new projects. Now you may not find that odd at all, but from where we sit this … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – 93% of communication is non-verbal

The 93% Falsehood I’m smiling now. I promise. Can you tell what I’m saying? No? Even if I’m talking in a calm, reassuring voice? That’s strange, because many people seem to believe that, when speaking 93% of the COMMUNICATION is conveyed by body language. Now I’m not speaking, but it does beg the question how … Continue reading

Death by PowerPoint – Old but still very funny

The original and best Life After Death By PowerPoint. Every word is true. Something to cheer us up on friday   You Tube – Life After Death By PowerPoint

Presentation Tips – Pauses

First the simple bit. We have a need to assimilate what we are hearing. A moment to think. The hippies lament they “didn’t want to be put in boxes” was utterly wrong. That’s how the brain organises things. The boxes are called schema by psychologists. A schema is what we already know. You know how … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – The Rhetorical Question

Here’s a quick and dirty one – when speaking, use more rhetorical questions. Why? (You see what I did there?) Because as soon as you ask: “So how are we going to deliver on time and on budget?” Everyone in the room is thinking, “How are they going to deliver on time and on budget?” … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – The science of being memorable

Came across a wonderful blog by Eyeful Presentations BLOG which I’m going to summarise (steal) below. They found a truly excellent talk by Dr Chris Atherton, HERE, a psychologist which looks at the science behind presentations. She has done a lot of work on how effective different communication techniques are. The talk is 30 minutes, and … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Prezi vs PowerPoint the Grist view

What is Prezi? HAVE A LOOK HERE We use Prezi a lot. We use it for big presentations – from a few million to £1.4 billion. We use it because our clients want us to. They see it as a small example of how they can bring a freshness to each project. We also do … Continue reading

Presentation Tips – Guest Blog Prezi vs PowerPoint

Originally posted on Phil Bird:
Best way to give a spectacular presentation? This was the first post I wrote about Prezi and it has remained popular. I’ve also written a post asking for suggestions using the tool, which you can find here. If you want to see some example Prezis I have embedded them into…

Proud to be in Sales

About a fortnight ago I changed the title of the blog and the strap, and for the first time used the word “sales” in any description of what we do. Is it perhaps uniquely British that we are nervous of the word? Perhaps a bit snobbish about it? (Maybe those reading this from abroad can … Continue reading

Presentation and Pitching Tips for Architects

Presentation Tips for Architects This blog has moved to here.

The Web is Dead, it’s all Mobile now, for the next 5 minutes at least

I’ve been seeing several pieces pop up on my Twitter feed int he last few days announcing, with  various levels of hysteria, THE WEB IS DEAD! This is the most comprehensive and considered. http://www.forbes.com/sites/ericjackson/2012/04/30/heres-why-google-and-facebook-might-completely-disappear-in-the-next-5-years/2/ http://techcrunch.com/2010/08/17/wired-web-dead/ http://www.wired.com/magazine/2010/08/ff_webrip/all/1 http://articles.businessinsider.com/2011-04-26/tech/29996901_1_mobile-apps-mobile-payments-mobile-device I suspect that many of us get a feeling of vertigo when reading this stuff. I’m just getting … Continue reading