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Media Training

We’ve been doing a lot of Media training lately. In that way that “life is what happens to you while you’re making plans to do something else,” we haven’t been marketing ourselves particularly hard as Media trainers, but the work has come to us.

It’s been fun to do because there is no other area of our work where we can make such a profound difference in a short space of time.

Media training is very personal and intense. Those who don’t know journalists tend to see them like the drunk on the train – unpredictable creatures working to their own agenda who we’d rather were in another carriage. So stress levels tend to be high.

Yesterday we were working with a key staff member at Williams F1. Lucky us….

We have also had the extreme pleasure of working with Wasps latest bunch of star players. While Wasps are having a hard time they continue to develop the stars of tomorrow, like Charlie Davies, Joe Launchbury, Billy Vunipola, Eliot Daly, Jack Wallace, and Christian Wade.

Nigel’s Red 5.

The Williams set-up is truly world class, and as an F1 fan there are dozens and dozens of cars that have won for Williams. For F1 nerds, you can see the scrape where Shumacher hit Damon in Australia to steal the Championship (still bitter).

Williams was huge fun, but also hugely successful. Our client was very, very bright, but didn’t know the media and was very apprehensive of any contact. Three hours later, she had some clear rules about how to work with the media and knew exactly how do deal with any kind of question. A total transformation – from nervous to confident. Brilliant.

One of the consequences of a general fear of journalists is that we often resort to saying as little as possible, but we are certain that next time our client speaks to a journalist, the writer will go away very happy. Journalists have a job to do and most of the time they want exactly what you want – cracking good stories that make the world sound fun and interesting.

Once the fear is gone then you can relax and tell the world about all the good things you are up to.


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