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Bidding – Optimism vs Pessimism in selling

We’ve been thinking about optimism and pessimism and trying to figure out the balance that delivers our goal of winning new business for our clients. At Grist the two directors are in balance. Lindsay is an optimist and I’m a pessimist. But as you will know if you watched a very interesting Horizon┬áthis week, our … Continue reading

Originally posted on Novo Consultancy:
Getting your slice of the cake isn’t as easy as you may have thought! Come again? I can hear you say. Its one of the main objectives for the first call isn’t it? Find out what the client wants to buy, find out how much he wants to buy it…

Presentation Tips – Nerves

One day when I was going to a job interview at the BBC (30+ years ago) I was dressed in my suit and tie when I realised my shoes were dirty. I can remember with startling clarity the scene as I smeared a good dollop of Cherry Blossom on my shirt, and realised that was … Continue reading

Q and A – your chance to lose new business

In the very early days of Grist we had a bidding presentation cut off by the client, “Times up!”, while the Bid Director was delivering the conclusion. Since then, we have never had a bad presentation. Sounds impossible, but it’s true. Every single one has gone well. I promise. But, Q&A is a different story, … Continue reading