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Why PowerPoint should be dead, but isn’t

In August last year I wrote this:

Why PowerPoint is dead.

Finally the time has come. It’s been fun but everything must pass.
PowerPoint is dead.
Because of Prezi.

Have a look at this:


I knocked that up in 20 minutes to demonstrate the sort of things Prezi can do.
We’ve been using it for a few months and everyone loves it, partly because it isn’t PPT.
You can use Prezi for free by registering.

But BEWARE. Unless you pay the subscription, everything you do is visible to all.
One large company has already discovered its secret stuff on there.

But is Prezi the future? We think not.
Prezi is great, but we think there is something better coming….

Maybe Prezi 2, or are those clever people at Apple working on something…

I’d ask but my iPhone keeps dropping the call.

One thing is certain. PowerPoint is dead.

But the PPT is alive and well.  It’s still allowing millions of hard working people to get a few moments sleep, or finally catch up on their emails while someone drones through 176 slides.

Why?  Why was I wrong?  Prezi is probably better than PowerPoint (and Keynote which is just PPT with Apple spin)

I say probably because if Prezi had been invented first I probably would be writing “Why Prezi is dead”

But Prezi is different to PPT. And for now that is good enough. It’s greatest strength is that it ISN’T PowerPoint.

So why hasn’t it swept the world. Why isn’t it already last years thing?



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2 thoughts on “Why PowerPoint should be dead, but isn’t

  1. Prezi needs to be made more commercial. Its needs to be “microsofted” to allow 99% of the world to use it.

    Posted by Robert | February 3, 2012, 4:06 pm
  2. I agree that Prezi needs to be improved, but I’ve always loathed PowerPoint. It seems really clunky and hard to use. I wonder if Prezi had come before PPT we would see it different?

    Posted by gristpresent | February 6, 2012, 9:22 am

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