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Presenting FM – By Lindsay Grist

“Don’t tell me words don’t matter” A quote from one of the greatest orators of recent history. There were many reasons Barack Obama became President of the United States not least of which was his ability to get the crowd on his side. He wants something from his audience. He wants to win them over. … Continue reading

Architects’ Presentations – Common Mistakes Part 1

We all have blind-spots, and the Architecture profession has many. How do we know? Because we have  sat in 1000 rooms and heard the same mistakes made by 1000 people. If you can be the team that doesn’t fall into these traps then maybe you will win more new business. Are we right? You judge … Continue reading

What can we do for you?

Grist is a company that works with you to make you more effective in winning new business. After 6 years of winning business with our clients we know many sectors intimately. All aspects of construction, Facilities Management, Architecture, and Design. But our processes are effective in all sectors as we have shown in Software, Banking, … Continue reading